Zelezniak Lab


We are an interdisciplinary team working collaboratively on computational and experimental problems. We are highly engaged in collaborative work and believe in 1+1=5. We nurture an environment where team members are treated equally and respect and admire our differences. Our team includes postdocs, PhD students and students at all stages of their careers interested in the intersection of data science, AI and biology.

Current lab members

Aleksej Zelezniak Aleksej Zelezniak
Xiaozhi Fu Xiaozhi Fu
Nikolaos Tatarakis Nikolaos Tatarakis
Samuel Håkansson Samuel Håkansson
Sandra Viknander Sandra Viknander
Sergi Rodà Sergi Rodà
Alexander Diaciuc Alexander Diaciuc
MD Danish Anwer MD Danish Anwer


Jan Zrimec Jan Zrimec
Filip Buric Filip Buric
Clara Goldin Clara Goldin
Francisco Zorrilla Francisco Zorrilla
Hossein Abbasi Hossein Abbasi
Mariia Kokina Mariia Kokina


Our work is made possible by generous funding from several organizations.